Employee Tracking Software Application to Increase Productivity and Security

When employees hear the term staff member monitoring, it is often viewed as an intrusive device. For employers, they take on the subject with such care because they do not desire their staff members to really feel as though they do not trust them. However, you should keep an open mind in the use of an employee tracking system, especially if you have people working for you remotely.

employee tracking system

Before you turn down the idea of using an employee tracking system, you should consider what it can do for your business. Listed below are some of the real benefits of the best employee tracking system:

A Great Way to Boost Employee Productivity

One of the things that enter your mind first when speaking about the employee tracking system Australia has to provide is to supervise the activity of your workers. This is where the tool commonly obtains a bad rap. It is more than just a software application made to track your workers’ activities on the internet during work hours.

How does it affect your responsibilities as a manager?

When you are working online, power blackout or abrupt computer accident is unavoidable. These things can happen at any moment and without warning. Without a keystroke logger that is offered in tracking software, you might lose all data that you have prepared before a blackout or computer crash took place.

But having one will save you a lot of time from having to re-do all the work. You just need to continue where you last left off. As an employer, you will be spared from paying double for the same amount of job!

Protect Important Service Information

An employee tracking system tool can safeguard sensitive business information. All companies manage delicate details relating to your organisation and/or its clients. Consequently, you must concentrate on protecting such details from possible hacking or anyone that will certainly attempt to steal info from your business.

When you are able to locate every one of the websites that were visited during a certain session, it enables you to trace back any possibly unsecured websites. In the situation of an attack, you will have the ability to utilise this information to figure out where the attack originated from. This information is extremely useful during an investigation.


As you can see, an employee tracking system device is a helpful tool for both the employee as well as the company. You just need to inform employees that you’re implementing such strategies so they will not accuse you of covertly surveilling them. It is what ethical business practices dictate, after all.

Enlightening employees about it and they will appreciate how it can help them too.  

Your workers are vital to your business and you need to take excellent care of them for your company to prosper. Contact UniGuard today for solutions to keep your business and employees safe and secure. The company specialises in providing employers of guards the means to keep track of their crew and identify whether they are doing the job assigned to them or not. For more details, please visit https://www.uniguard.com.au/employee-tracking-system-software-online/.

How to Increase Your Reseller Hosting Business Revenues

If you are passionate about the DNS industry, then hosting reseller business is one that you are very much likely to plunge into in your online entrepreneurial journey. It is very easy to set up and you can start selling almost immediately if you have a great business strategy. There are plenty of parent hosting companies offering great deals for resellers that it is fairly easy to break even and start working towards profitability. You can visit Visit DNSimple DNS Providers in order to evaluate some of the reseller packages on offer for new resellers.

Reseller business is tough due to the highly competitive environment. It is very hard for sellers to sign up even a few customers or even generate $100 in a year. Yet there are resellers who go on to sign up thousands and generate millions of dollars in revenues. Yet there are plenty of ways in which resellers can increase the existing revenues and turn their reseller hosting business into a fun money-minting machine. One of the ways of doing this is by creating new revenue streams over and above your primary reseller hosting products such as web hosting, SSL and domain name sales. Visit DNSimple DNS Providers in order to sample the vast array of DNS products available that users can easily leverage into viable revenue streams.

Start by Offering a Good Domain Name

Domain names and hosting go together. Reselling hosting packages also gives you a good opportunity to the push the sales of the domain names. You can do this by upselling domain names as customers choose hosting packages. A good way to go about this is by setting up a name or domain name suggestion tool that offers customers possible suggestions of brandable domain names that they can choose.

As a reseller, it is also advisable to brand your reseller product separately instead of just offering it as part of the existing IT services that you are offering such as web design and development.

Offer One-Click Installs

End users love the one-click installs. It enables them to have WordPress, Drupal or Joomla websites with the click of the button without any technical assistance on the part of the hosting company. Look for applications similar to SimpleScripts that you can add on your hosting backend in order to help your users install applications at will. It is also advisable to include multiple free and premium themes that users can pick and install. You can sign up as a reseller or affiliate of some leading theme or template design companies such as ThemeForest. Incorporate these and create a new revenue stream for your reseller hosting business.

Good Pricing

Good pricing is very key to signing up thousands of customers to your reseller hosting business. It is good to have several tiers of pricing for your reseller hosting business ranging from the basic to “Gold” or “Platinum”. You can price your packages as you wish but remember that customers are always looking for pricing advantages. Check the prices of your competitors and price just below that. Offer users advantages such as lowest pricing guarantees, promotions, and discounts in order to quickly build the user base of your reseller hosting business.

Customer Service

Have a robust customer support service including live chats, phone calls and emails. Respond promptly to emails from clients. It is also advisable to have a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook where you can respond to customer problems and queries and manage your online reputation. For more information on various seller packages, visit Visit DNSimple DNS Providers.